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UOB, a financial institution recognized as both credible and professionally managed with a website that reflects the daily price of gold, offers an extensive list of gold products that are available for purchase including the following:

  • Gold Bars – Buyers have the option to choose between various sizes, may it be small gold wafers or cast kilobars. These gold products can be bought and sold with UOB’s buy-and-sell market quote. Physical gold bars are sold at the main branch of UOB gold price in Singapore. Shipments are possible for quantities of more than 99 kilograms.
  • Gold Coins – Gold coins are also sold at UOB’s main branch. They’re traded and accepted worldwide as they are legal tender that buyers can buy and sell to the bank with the day’s buy-and-sell market quote.
  • Gold Certificates – Gold certificate holders can redeem the certificates for gold kilobars or cash. The certificates are transferrable as approved by the gold certificate holder.
  • Gold Savings Account – Having your own gold savings account allows you to buy and sell the precious metal without physical delivery.

Investing in Gold

Just like gold prices, there are several factors that influence a gold product’s value. For this reason, it’s crucial for investors to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of each type before making the investment.

  • Gold Coins and Bars

Gold bullion, which may come in bars or coins, is 99.5 percent pure. It’s used for manufacturing processes and jewelry making. Investors and central banks purchase and hold bullion as protection or a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty.

When you buy gold bars and coins, you’re taking possession of physical gold. More often than not, investors store bullion in depositories and financial institutions like UOB in Singapore.


Gold may hold its value or appreciate, unlike paper currencies that quickly depreciate during market volatility or inflation. Investors can use gold bullion to protect their retirement.


Changes in gold’s spot price affect gold bullion’s value. There’s also a chance that the government confiscates an investor’s gold bullion.

  • Gold Certificates

Acquiring gold certificates is a way of buying or investing in gold without storing or moving its physical form. A gold certificate from UOB acknowledges your ownership of gold without the need for you to worry about physical gold’s storage.

UOB Gold Price


It allows you, the buyer, to avoid costs and risks that go hand-in-hand with the storage and transportation of physical gold. Because of gold certificates, investors aren’t exposed to theft risk and don’t incur costs of the bid or offer spreads. The price of gold certificates closely follows gold’s price on a global scale.


UOB charges a fee for the storage of gold on your behalf.

Gold Savings Accounts of UOB

Gold account holdings aren’t subjected to GST or Good & Services Tax of Singapore. By having a gold savings account, you can buy and sell the precious metal without physical delivery. Gold account holders can use the Personal Internet Banking of UOB to carry out transactions. This is the easiest way for you to make an investment in a precious metal.

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